Altar Servers

Are you interested in serving at the table of the Lord?

We have many ways of assisting at our liturgies, but perhaps none is closer to the sacred mysteries themselves than the ministry of being an altar server.

Altar servers process in with the clergy at Mass, carrying the processional cross for all to see. They hold the Roman Missal for the presider, assist the deacon in preparing the altar and aid the priest in the ceremonial washing of his hands, prior to the offering of the bread and wine for sacrifice. For special services such as funerals or the Sacred Triduum, they may also assist with the use of incense.

The program is open to any baptized Catholic who has received First Communion.
To join the program, contact the Parish Office at to inquire about being trained.  .

Once trained, you will be placed on the rotating schedule of the mass time of your choice. 

Should you wish to serve at funerals, weddings or other special events, just let us know!