Distance Learning.

On Distance Learning Days, assignments will be posted on Google Classroom instead of this web page for students to view. If a student needs to contact Ms. Collins during a Distance Learning Day, her preferred method is through Google Classroom.

Be sure to remind your child to complete the assigned work for their Unique teacher for that day. This may be found on their website or Google Classroom.

If your child is sick, please email absentee@stgabriel.net Please email me with any questions concerning distance learning.

For more information regarding Distance Learning Days, please see the Student Handbook on pg 52.


Distance Learning Day 1:

  • Project guidelines will show up on Google Classroom. These guidelines were gone over in class on Friday, March 13, so students should be feeling prepared.
  • Students will be expected to upload their topic with 3 interesting facts about their person. This will be due by 10:00 AM on Thursday, March 18.
    • For this, you need to tell me who you are writing about and give me 3 interesting facts about them. This can be in bullet points, but MUST BE COMPLETE SENTENCES. You will lose points if you do not use complete sentences– including punctuation. It should look like this:
      • Name of Person:
        – Fact 1
        – Fact 2
        – Fact 3This can be done on Google Docs or Notability (typed only, not handwriting please).

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