2020-2024 St. Gabriel Parish Strategic Plan Graphic

Our Vision

The Catholic community where you encounter Jesus Christ each and every day in each and every person.

Our Mission

St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish, a caring, welcoming community, seeks to praise God in our prayer and work, nurture growth in the Catholic faith, and compassionately serve others.

Our Values

Inclusivity and Hospitality

We strive to welcome all as Christ, respect the dignity and differences of others, and create a close-knit community.

Tradition and Innovation

We embrace our Roman Catholic tradition and the rich heritage of our Parish and school while encouraging creative and innovative expressions of faith in action.

Lifelong Faith Formation and Education

We provide our youth with a strong foundation in the Roman Catholic faith through our school, sacramental preparation program, and parish religion education program (PREP) and offer adults of all ages extensive opportunities for ongoing formation in the faith.

Stewardship and Community Engagement

We see our time, talent and treasure as gifts from God which we are called to share with others as we faithfully and prudently steward our Parish resources and generously assist others in our community, the Archdiocese of Louisville, and the world.


Our complete plan was vetted on September 11, 2019. Click this link to review the detailed plan inclusive of focus areas, goals, objectives and tactics: 2020-2024 St. Gabriel Parish Strategic Plan


Plan Progress & Accomplishments

Plan updates will be provided here from our Parish Council.

Presentation 10/23/2019: Strategic Plan Presentation to Parish Staff



In 2014, St. Gabriel’s 2015-2019 Strategic Plan was built in collaboration with Archdiocese of Louisville leadership.  As a key part of this effort, the team conducted a parish-wide survey and distilled the results into the plan that exists today.  In 2017, the Parish Council recognized the need to assess the current state of the plan and the progress that had been made within the pillars.  Both the council and parish staff agreed that significant progress had been made and worked together to build a way to better monitor progress of the plan, while seeking to increase engagement between the council and staff.  As we entered into 2018, the team started discussing plans to extend/revise the plan into the future and in the 3rd Quarter consulted with Archdiocese leadership on next steps.  This led to a formal RFP for a third party facilitator, the formation of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), and selection of Johnson, Grossnickle, and Associates (JGA) to facilitate the process beginning with a kick-off on 2/28/19.  The SPC is made up of the following members: Father John Schwartzlose, Deacon Stephen Bowling, David Gnadinger, Sherri Harbsmeier, Melissa Hillerich, Lara Krill, Betty Osborne, Ken Peet, Eric Schrenger (Co-Chair),  Allyn Simpson, Kathy Stivers, Miranda Wantland (Co-Chair), and Amanda Wolz.


2019 Strategic Planning Approach

From March through September, JGA worked with the SPC to facilitate several working sessions that build on the successes of the current plan and look to incorporate results from the 2018 Parish Discernment into the 2020 and beyond plan.  We began with the parish’s vision, mission, and values while assessing our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A key part of this initiative was the engagement of parish members from all areas in the form of focus groups or sub-committees to arrive at an updated strategic plan for the parish.  We  collaborated with JGA on communication plans and we are implementing an ongoing monitoring plan for the Parish Council to own going forward. 

Strategic Plan 2015-2019: To review our 2015-2019 strategic plan, click here for pages 1-6 and here for pages 7-11