Vision - Virtue of the Week

Our virtue this week is VISION - The strength to plan and prepare with imagination, creativity and wisdom. Anything great that we want to achieve in life takes a vision. What is our VISION for this year? What do we want to achieve together?


“How you going to feed that pig?” Dad's question rendered me speechless. I had been saving to buy a pig for months, and when somebody gave me a dollar for my sixth birthday, I now had $5 to buy the pig.

But my vision did not go further than the joy of owning my first animal.

Then he said: “I have a deal for you. I'll furnish the feed for your pig, and you can furnish the labor to feed the pigs. Then, when your pig grows up and has pigs of her own, we can split the litter, each of us will get half.” I got my first memorable lesson about vision and ownership that day. With a few minutes of inspired conversation — which remains etched crystal clear in my memory more than a half-century later — he had used my self-interest to get me to do farm chores, and I felt like a real partner. In more than 3 decades of professional work with organizations and teams, I have not encountered a better example of building ownership by establishing a clear vision.

My father not only got me to willingly participate in the family economic system, but he also made it part of my self-interest.

This is the key to developing people's ownership for a goal or a project, and I have seen it work over and over in communities, organizations, businesses, and families.


How did the Dad give his son a VISION of ownership?

How are you contributing within your family? Chores, services, baby-sitting, cleaning, etc.?


Let’s look for ways to creatively improve as a class/team/group today. Does anyone have any ideas?

Listen to your students’ ideas and try to creatively make those a part of your time with them.


What do you want to achieve this year? What is your VISION?

What do you feel called to do with your life as you get older?


FAILURE TO PLAN - The weakness to refuse to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Failure to Plan is planning to fail