Leadership - Virtue of the Week

Our virtue theme this week is LEADERSHIP - The strength to serve others without seeking to be served yourself. Every single one of us has the potential to be a great LEADER because we are all capable of serving.


Lord Jesus, You were the best LEADER of all time because You came to earth, lived for us, worked for us and died for us knowing that we would never be able to repay You. Help us to LEAD like You.


One April day in 2010 there was a softball game between Roncalli and Marshall High Schools. At that time, the Marshall softball program was very new and inexperienced. The girls had never played before and the coaches had never coached before. Plus they did not have much equipment.

After an inning and a half of girls not knowing where to stand in the box and their pitchers walking 9 batters, the Roncalli coach Jeff Traylor had a discussion with their coaches and athletic director.

They decided to call the game as a forfeit - a Roncalli forfeit- at that time to get the umpires off of the field. The Marshall players did NOT want to quit, they were willing to loose 100 to 0 if it meant they finished their first game. The Roncalli coaches were willing to take the loss and with that offer the Marshall girls realized that they should do it.

At this time the Roncalli team came over, introduced themselves and with the Holy Spirit active in their hearts took the field with the Marshall girls to show them positions, how to field a ground ball, how to throw, how to catch, where to stand, what an out was. The pitchers from Roncalli worked with the Pitchers from Marshall showing them technique and release points. Our coaches were teaching their coaches how to soft toss and different drills they can use.

After about 20-30 minutes each Roncalli Girl matched up one on one with the Marshall Players and taught them how to hit. I will forever remember the image of 11 sets of players spread out in our outfield soft tossing and hitting off tees, one at a time the Marshall girls would come in to hit off of the pitchers and one at a time I could see determination and a desire to just be better. As they hit the ball their faces LIT UP! They were high-fiving and hugging the girls from Roncalli, thanking them for teaching to them the game.

Almost as emotional was the look of pure love on the faces of the Roncalli girls. I knew that one wrong attitude, one babying approach from our players would shut down the Marshall team who already were down for thinking they were quitters but our girls made me as proud as I have ever been to be a Rebel because they knew they could do something small to make a large difference!


Why do you think the Roncalli softball team did this?

Is there someone in our area that we could help in the same way?


Let’s each one of us look for ways to serve one another in some small way while we are together today.


What can we do to inspire one another to serve each other without seeking repayment?


Make a point of introducing yourself to someone you see all of the time but never say hello to.

Tell me about someone in your life who is a great leader.


DICTATORSHIP - The weakness to rule over others seeking your own personal gain without concern of the needs or rights of others.

Characteristics of the Dictator

  • Tells people what to do, how to do it, when to do it and how well to do it. 
  • No one makes decisions except for the dictator. 
  • Builds his/her kingdom by force if necessary. 
  • People are not important as people; they are for the dictator to control for their own purposes. 
  • Shames, punishes, or humiliates those who have a different opinion.

Dictators bring unhappiness, pain and suffering.

Servant leaders spread joy, trust and solutions to difficulties.