Catholic Identity

virtue equals strenght by sportsleader

We sat down as a Sports Ministry and asked ourselves what truly distinguishes our sports program from others offered throughout our city. And the one thing that truly sets us apart from these other organizations is our Catholic Identity. We are a Catholic faith based organization. As such, we believe that our goal is to help our athletes grow in their faith is paramount in addition to helping them to become better team players, better people and better athletes.

In this belief, we are going to be more deliberate in our approach to helping our athletes confirm their Catholic Identity. Every month, we will be emailing virtue training information that will help to:

  • Introduce our Virtue of the Month
  • Share prayers
  • Share a Story
  • Propose questions of discussion around the story
  • Share mentoring tips with our parents, coaches and faculty for discussing with our athletes/students/parish members 
  • Ways to live that virtue this Month
  • A bible passage about our virtue of the month

As you receive these communications, we ask that you share them with our athletes. Again with anything, this is not a lightning rod. Some may not feel comfortable talking about their faith. We view this as a spark that we envision will some day light a fire for our faith at St. Gabriel.