Mission & Philosophy: The  St. Gabriel Sports Ministry Program’s mission and philosophy states that our program must operate at all levels with common courtesy, patience, pride, and respect. Our coaches, parents, and administrators should act as educators and transmitters of Catholic values. The goal of the St. Gabriel Sports Ministry program is to inter-mingle sportsmanship and Catholicism so that our children come away with a heightened sense of themselves as people who can strive for great things.

Who & How: All school families and families actively participating in our Religious Education program can play sports at  St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish.

Sports Registration Has Never Been Easier!

St. Gabriel Sports Sign-up Page

Register electronically through SI Play:Easy One-time Registration for your children

  • Simple League Scheduling with access to rosters and team chat features
  • Instant Communication with text and email notifications on game times and changes


Fundraising: Bingo is the primary fundraiser for the Sports Ministry, which offsets program costs and keeps athletics fees lower. Parent volunteers commit to working two bingo sessions per child for each sport. Bingo is held every Wednesday & Thursday at J-Town Bingo Hall located at 9125 Galene Drive, Louisville, KY 40299.  Volunteers work 6:30– 9:30 pm to sell pull-tabs.

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