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PTSO Sponsored Event Descriptions

We rely on our parent volunteers to help ensure the success of our memory-making events.  The students truly appreciate your help.  The following are brief descriptions of our PTSO events.  If you have any questions about an event please feel free to contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators.

  • Box Tops & Tyson A+ Labels (all year) – Volunteers are needed to collect, tally, and cut-out box tops and Tyson A+ labels.
  • Walk-a-Thon (Thursday of Derby Week) Awards Ceremony (May) – This event is held on the Thursday prior to the Derby. Volunteers are needed to solicit donations, set up, clean up, work and supervise.  There are several jobs that can be done from your home in the months leading up to the walk-a-thon.
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance (January) – This is a memorable event. This it NOT a fundraiser.  Volunteers are needed to decorate the gym, solicit donations for give-aways, prepare/serve beverages & snacks, take photos, take tickets, and clean up.
  • Donations Committee (all year) – This is a committee of volunteers needed to solicit donations from local businesses for all of our PTSO events to be used as raffle prizes, give aways, auction & sale items. Volunteers would make calls from home and pick items up from merchants.
  • Gabriel Celebration (February) – This is a night of food, fun and frivality! Come dance, mingle, see our parish talents, bid on silent and live auction items, and enjoy the tastes of local restaurants.
  • Health Screening (Spring) – This is a state-mandated event. Children K-6 are tested for hearing and vision.  Height, weight and blood pressure may also be recorded.  Volunteers will be trained to test children and record the results. This event typically takes place over 2-3 days.
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (Catholic School’s Week – last week of January) – This event occurs once a year, during Catholic School’s Week . Volunteers are needed to set up, serve food, and clean up.  Volunteers are also needed to assemble or organize recognition gifts for teachers.
  • Teacher Opening Breakfast / Dinner (August) – This event occurs at the start of the school year.
  • Fall Chili Supper Festival (October) – Volunteers are needed to organize food donations from the school and collect, prepare and serve the food. Volunteers also needed to man the booths in the gym.
  • Reporters (all year) – Volunteers are needed to type up a Word Document reporting on the outcome of sporting events, field trips and all other special events and forward those documents to the WebMaster.
  • Mother/Son Event – (November) – Venue to TBD
  • Chairpersons are responsible for organizing their event, calling volunteers to work/help with the event and keeping the members of the PTSO board informed. A list of volunteers is provided to each chairperson by the Volunteer Coordinators.  If a chairperson needs additional volunteers, he or she is responsible for contacting the Volunteer Coordinators

By-Laws of St. Gabriel the Archangel Parent Teacher Student Organization

Mission:  The mission of the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) is to provide support to St. Gabriel the Archangel School.  The PTSO serves to aid in the education of and welfare of the students of St. Gabriel.  The organization provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to work together for the good of the child.


  • To promote communication among parents, teachers and administration
  • To provide parents and teachers assistance in all aspects of education and student growth
  • To promote good will and cooperation between parents, faculty, administration, school board and parish
  • To direct and coordinate parental support to the school through specific assistance activities, social functions and fund-raisers.
  • To organize and conduct fund raisers. Monies raised is given to St. Gabriel the Archangel School to assist with school supplies, student programs, teacher recognition, social events and other programs approved by the administration. All fundraising must have a stated purpose.

Membership:  All parents, teachers, and students are members of PTSO and are encouraged to actively participate in its activities.  The formal PTSO Board consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.  The principal, assistant principal, and a faculty representative are also members of the board.  Various other committees are formed to complete specific tasks and are disbanded after their final report.  All members are expected to help at the school’s “open house” in August.

The board, as a whole, will determine activities for the year.  These activities must be approved by the school administration.  The budget for all activities is set by the president, vice president, and school administration.  The goal should be a minimum of 30% profit for each event.  It is the responsibility of the president and vice president to ensure that all committees stay on budget.  Purchases made by committee members must be approved by the president or vice president.  Receipts from each event must be turned in to the school office no later than two weeks from the date of the event.  Each person should turn in all receipts at one time so that one check can be cut.  Since St. Gabriel is a tax exempt entity, we cannot reimburse for taxes.  Tax exempt forms are available in the school office.

The president and/or vice president and other interested board members will attend the Charitable Gaming Workshop held by the State of Kentucky to help ensure compliance with gaming rules and regulations of various PTSO events.

Persons interested in serving on the PTSO board will submit their names at the end of the school year during the month of April.  In the event a person does not fulfill their term, the position will be appointed by the principal.  All officers serve for a two year term.  No officer may hold the same position for more than two consecutive terms. A description of the duties and responsibilities of the officers are described below:

Executive Board:   The executive board consists of all elected officers, the principal and assistant principal of St. Gabriel the Archangel School and a faculty representative.

President:  The President is responsible for producing an agenda and conducting all board meetings.   Board meetings will be held every other month. Other committee meetings will be called as needed.  This person is responsible for updating the PTSO binder that includes records of past PTSO events.  This binder is given to the president at the beginning of his/her term.  The president works with the school administration on the PTSO budget and is responsible for making sure that all committee members stay on budget and follow proper procedures for spending and reimbursement.  The president also approves purchases made by committee members. The President will also fill out a fund raising approval form and turn into [Tim McGinty] 30 days before the activity is to take place. It is also the job of the President to advertize board member openings for the offices of Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary during the month of April.    New members are selected in that month.  The President will identify the goals for the year and facilitate all events.  The President also appoints all Committee Chairs.  The president is an ex-officio member of all committees. The President will attend Communication meetings as arranged through the parish.

Vice President:  The Vice President assists the President with his/her duties.  The Vice President conducts meetings when the President is not available.  Publicity and marketing shall be the responsibility of the Vice President for all PTSO events.   This includes sending out notices to school parents, ensuring the event gets posted on the school and parish website and other media outlets.  All meeting dates for the board need to be announced one week before the date of the meeting.  Any PTSO news should be placed in the monthly newsletter from school.

Secretary:  The Secretary is responsible for managing correspondence of the PTSO.  The job includes, but is not limited to, keeping minutes of meetings.  The minutes are to be emailed to PTSO board members within one week of the meeting.  Board members approve or suggest changes by email in a timely fashion.  The approved minutes of the meeting are then sent to all board members and to the school computer teacher in order for it to be posted on the PTSO section of the school web site.  The secretary also keeps a list of membership and notifies committee chairs of their duties.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer along with all board members is responsible for managing the funds during the various PTSO events.  Financial records of these events must be maintained and a report given at PTSO board meetings.  The Treasurer works with the school and parish bookkeeper to maintain records regarding deposits, expenses, checks etc.  The Treasurer assists the President and Vice President in maintaining the budget for each event.  Money must always be in the presence of two people and can never leave the parish premises.  All money must be locked up in the presence of two people.  Money must be counted by school office and a member of PTSO board.  It will then be sent to the parish business manager for deposit.

Liaison:  The liaison chairperson will facilitate communication between the PTSO, School Board and Parish Council.  This person will ensure that all activities of the PTSO are dispersed to other committees.

Standing Committees:  A standing committee is defined as a committee organized to carry on a particular function within the PTSO.  Chairpersons of the following committees are appointed by the president.  Chairpersons are responsible for keeping the members of the PTSO board informed and working with the parish office to ensure procedures are carried out in a responsible/legal way. These committee and chairs may change yearly depending on the activities of the PTSO.

  • Walk-a-Thon – Organize event and solicit volunteers to set up, clean up, work and supervise; plan award’s day
  • Father/Daughter Dance – Organize and solicit volunteers to set up, clean up, work and supervise
  • Box Tops & Tyson labels – Collect, tally and cut out box tops
  • Celebration – A night of food, dance and fun; Organize event and get volunteers
  • Chili Supper – Work with teacher representative to organize helpers,
  • Health Committee – provide assistance to the school with the annual health screenings and safety awareness
  • Teacher Appreciation – Work with the Principal to organize beginning of the year events, Christmas, Catholic School’s Week and end of year events.
  • Welcome New Parents – Provide a support system for new school families by establishing a “buddy” system with current families to provide information, support and friendship.
  • Governor’s Cup Competitions – Work with teacher coordinator when hosting regional or district competitions providing volunteers for the day’s events

Parliamentary Procedure:  Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern this association in line with the Archdiocese of Louisville.  Amendments to these bylaws shall be proposed at one membership meeting and voted on at the next.  A two-thirds voice of the membership attending is necessary to amend.

2018-2019  St. Gabriel PTSO Officers

President(s):  Jackie Heitkemper – 

Vice President:  

Treasurer(s): Angie Dunn 


School Liaisons:

Lara Krill – Principal –

Lisa Lauder – Faculty Rep. –

Susan Adams – Faculty Rep. –

School Office – 239-5535

Website Administrator: Sheryl Kremer –