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  • Parents who have not already done so need to sign up for a free EZpay account.
  • This is the ONLY way you will receive email notices about your child’s lunch account.  (You do NOT have to make online payments to use this service.)
  • You can also use this account to see your child’s purchases.
  • If you need the information about registering or your child’s NEW lunch ID number, please contact the cafeteria at  or 502-212-4058.



St. Gabriel participates in the National School Lunch Program. The Archdiocese of Louisville Finance Office oversees the program for the entire Archdiocese. As a participant, our lunch program follows certain guidelines outlined by the USDA and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Schools that are a part of the NSLP receive high-quality, government-donated
commodities such as cheese, beans, fruits, vegetables, ground beef, turkey, and other foods declared surplus by the USDA. We also receive fresh fruits and vegetables purchased through the Department of Defense buying network. This program has enabled students to enjoy fresh items such as kiwi fruit, pineapple spears, strawberries, oranges, mini-carrots, and celery sticks.

MEAL PATTERN: The NSLP has a minimum requirement of foods that are offered in our school. With the new guidelines all students must take a fruit or vegetable. If interested, visit for more information.

PROGRAM COSTS: Our lunch program supports itself. Commodities meet less than one-fourth of the total food costs for our lunch program. The remaining costs are covered by reimbursements from the USDA (currently 33¢ per student lunch) and from income generated through ala Carte and meal sales to students and adults. Adult meals and meals for those students not in the NSLP or a St. Gabriel Preschool program are not subsidized and are sold at a price that covers all costs.
Lunch prices are determined by the Archdiocese Finance Office.


Students: $3.50 (this includes milk)
Adults: $4.00
Children: $3.50 (not attending St. Gabriel)

A la carte pricing will be determined by the Archdiocese by the time school starts. We only allow a la carte sales for K – 8th grade. Milk is available for the Kindergarten at snack time. This item is charged to the student’s lunch account.

IMPORTANT: Soft drinks, food purchased at fast food restaurants, etc., are not allowed during the lunch period. This violates state regulations. This could cause a loss of the state and federal funds that support this program.

FREE & REDUCED LUNCH: Free and reduced-price meals are available to students who qualify. Applications will be available after July. Applications will be available on the school website close to the start of school. If you have been qualified for free and reduced lunches you will need to fill out an application for the new school year for the free or reduced-price service to continue. There is a short grace period at the beginning of the school year. Applications may be
filed at any time throughout the year. All information is kept strictly confidential. Please do not apply until after July 1, 2012 for the 2012– 2013 school year. If you receive a letter from Jefferson County Public Schools regarding this program, please note, you will still have to apply to the Archdiocese to be approved for the program.

You will be able to submit money for your account at Open House. Cash will only be accepted if it is in an envelope with the student name and account number. A receipt is available upon request.

STUDENT ACCOUNTS: We use a computerized system to keep the student lunch accounts. Each student has a PIN to access the account. This gives parents several options:

• Cash on Account – all purchases are made on the account
• Prepaid Lunches Only – lunches are paid for in advance, student will not be able to purchase ala carte items unless they have cash
• Combined – money can be put into the cash account and Pre-Paid Lunches

Please put the student’s first and last name on the memo line of your check. This will help us make sure that the money gets into the correct account.

SECOND ENTRÉE: Students in 3rd through 8th grade and visitors may purchase a second entrée for $1.50. We ask that students let the teacher know in the morning if they wish to purchase a second entrée such as a pizza, hamburger, chicken pattie, etc. Students must have money in the account to purchase second entrees. If they have a deficit account, any money given to the cashier will go toward the account, not the purchase of a second entrée.

FOOD ALLERGIES: Please let us know if your student has any type of food allergies. We will mark the account so it will come up with the student’s profile. Also, the state requires a doctor’s statement to be on file. Any information you need regarding ingredients for the foods we serve is available upon request.

The August menu will be available at the Open House and on the website in August.

Contact Us:
502-239-5535; ext 501