“Welcome Home” to St. Gabriel School!

Welcome!  We are excited that you are visiting St. Gabriel School today!  You will soon discover that St. Gabriel is a great place to be. At St. Gabriel you will find an active, supportive community of teachers, administrators, and parents who believe in the social, academic and spiritual development of your child.  Your child will grow and learn in a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels almost “like home”.  Our staff is dedicated to academic excellence and works hard to meet every child’s needs, helping each child to advance in a comfortable and happy surrounding.  With special training in the areas of  technology, curriculum development, and special needs, our staff strives to stay abreast of the “best” practices in the world of education.


St. Gabriel’s staff works together in fulfillment of the school’s philosophy
and mission statement. The faculty created the school’s mission statement
during a faculty meeting. The mission statement is prominently posted in
each classroom. Monthly faculty meetings provide opportunities for the
staff to work together on maintaining the goals of St. Gabriel School.
Instructional strategies and ideas from workshops are often shared.
Catholic identity is expressed through activities. Prayer is an integral part of
each day at St. Gabriel and at all gatherings of the faculty and staff.


We educate through the Catholic values of faith, family, tradition, and innovation
empowering everyone to soar with possibilities.


The school opened on September 24, 1956 to help serve the growing population of Catholic families in the area. Since then, the school has had two additions to its square footage in order to maintain adequate space for its students. What began with three hundred students is now home to over our present number of 686 students representing over 475 families. There are three kindergarten homerooms and three of each other grade. In addition to the core subject areas of religion, language arts, math, social studies and science, we also offer computer, music, art, library science, Spanish, physical education and guidance. We also are proud to have a full time resource teacher and a full time enrichment teacher that help meet the needs of all of our students.