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school newsMarch 16th-April 20 – SCHOOL CLOSED – Coronavirus

  • March 30th-April 3rdSpring Break – NO SCHOOL
  • April 6-17th – NO SCHOOL – Distance Learning in Effect – check your homeroom teacher’s websites for information
  • April 17thSpring Uniform policy Begins

altar-in-the-catholic-church-altar-server-clip-art-altar  Online Masses & Prayers

surveyDistance Learning Survey

  • Please share your experiences from Week 2 by completing these surveys by Wednesday, April 1 at 10 a.m.

    Corona Virus Messages


  • Students access the DreamBox account from home at:
  • Then click: No classroom code? Click here or and click on Homeroom icon
  • Logins are text based for older students: FirstInitialLastName2-DigitGradYR (like skremer28)
  • Logins are image based for younger students: Click on their homeroom and then theriname in their homeroom
  • Passwords are: 99999 for text logins or a symbol for younger logins

2020-2021 School Bus Registration Agreement

S_CA_honor_roll   T2 Honor Roll

  • Mercy Academy has over 40 academic and athletic camps being offered this summer.
  • There is something for everyone!
  • Register now at

Minds in Motion Summer Program

  • 5 mornings or afternoons a week
  • fun brain-stimulating, muscle-developing program
  • Information nights April 13, and May 13 at 6:30 at 2600 Chamberlain Ln
  • Summer sessions run June 1-26 or July 6-31
  • See flyer for more details

CEFCEF Tuition Assistance Information for 1920-21 (click on link)

 Protect Student Transportation

  • Our school participates in a state program that provides transportation for our students.  With the tight budget before the Kentucky General Assembly, there is concern that this program may be cut.  We need to reach out to our elected officials and ask that they maintain the bus funding for nonpublic school students at least at current levels.
  • Please email your state representative and state senator by clicking the link below or call 1-800-372-7181 and the operator will leave a message based on your home address.  This is an important safety issue and the loss of this program would have a major impact on our community.
  • Protect Student Transportation!

Important Enrollment Information for 2020-2021 for Current Families

Student Council

S_CA_library_newsLibrary News

S-MusicPicChoir & Music

First Communion LogoFirst Reconciliation and 1st Communion

  • Schedule of Important Dates
  • Click on link for more information

Chalkboard Rewards

  • A way for St. Gabriel to raise money when you make your normal online purchases

High School Visits & Shadowing


  • Follow St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School PTSO on Facebook and Instagram
  • Stay up-to-date with PTSO business and leave feedback for us by visiting the school PTSO webpage.

S_CA_SkateSkating Party

  • Plan to attend the skating party in April from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. at Skate World.
  • The admission cost is $3.00 per child.
  • Skate rentals are $1.00 for regular and $2.00 for speed.
  • Uniform Break for attending the April party TBA

calendar  SCHOOL CALENDAR link below:

honor Honor Thy Children

  REACH ALERT: School, Pre-School & After-School Emergency Notification System

  • Parents who have not already signed up for REACH ALERT please sign up.
  • Reach Alert is used to keep you in the loop of current events affecting our church and school families.
  • To register for the first time, follow these simple steps:


S_CA_boxtop  BOX TOPS

  • Please continue saving Box Tops for our school and enjoy the monthly uniform break.
  • Just need to bring in 15 box tops per student to receive a uniform break on January 28th.
  • Please trim them and check the expiration date

S_CA_pull_tabs  PULL TABS

  • Thank you to all those that continue saving and turning in the pulls tabs for the summer cancer camp for kids.
  • Do you know why we collect aluminum can pull tabs?  It is a Knights of Columbus fundraiser that supports the Indian Summer Camp (ISC).  ISC gives children ages 7-18, who have cancer, the chance to get away and have a good time with others who understand what they are going through and realize they are not alone.  We are competing with other schools for the pull tab trophy.  Last year, the Knights of Columbus collected over 1,200 lbs. of pull tabs which resulted in a donation of over $1,400 to the camp.  Together, we can make a difference in a child’s life.  For more information on ISC, please visit

parish news

We Are Changing Lives Because of You!

  • Our 2018-2019 Parish Annual Report is now published online at
  • Thank you for your continued commitment of time, talent and treasure. We are making an impact in our parish community and beyond.
  • One of our 2020-2024 strategic plan initiatives is to strengthen our parish engagement through regular touchpoints and more detailed information on stewardship of resources. Expect more regular stewardship communications parish-wide and individually.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for participating in the St. Gabriel Communications Survey! This survey was important because there is a lot of activity at St. Gabriel – from both the school and parish offices – and our goal is to find out the best way to communicate to all of you. Our survey was in the field for several weeks and we received 105 responses. It is a snapshot in time and after the data was examined, we feel that it is 90% accurate, with a margin of error of 5.2% percentage points.
  • Here’s what we learned from our respondents:
    • 83.8% said that they usually or always get the information they need
    • 78.1% of the information is very or somewhat useful
    • 95.2% get communications from both the parish and school
    • 81.9% say they are not overwhelmed with correspondence (1-3 times a week)
    • Less than 35% of people think our website is user friendly
    • 80% don’t use our mobile app or even know we have one
    • More than 70% get information via email
    • 60% get their information via smart phone
    • 70.5% of those who use social media get information via Facebook
    • 51.4% are 55 years old or older
    • 77% have been parishioners for more than five years
  • What does all of this information mean?
    • Given that more than half of the respondents are 55 years old or older, they are more inclined to use email to receive information, even though statistics show that only 25% of all respondents open regular emails. Given the respondents age range and length of time in the parish, it would be easy to conclude that email communication skews to an older demographic
    • Even though social media ranks near the bottom, separate data shows that social media – especially Facebook – receives thousands of clicks, opens and resends, especially when photos or videos are featured. Since Facebook skews towards an older audience, this makes sense.
    • Simply put, parents and grandparents use social media to see photos and videos of their children or grandchildren.
    • We are not overwhelming our parents/parishioners with useless information.
    • Our website is not as functional and is in need of a major overhaul – which is currently underway.
    • Older people – given the data – participated in the survey, which they got by email or Facebook.
  • Next steps:
    • Despite the data – which would say put more emphasis on email, we should not deviate from a robust social media presence and concentrate on more pics and videos.  As the age demographic evolves, so should we, as we continue to get stronger on social media.
    • Continue to reach out to our audience via email, as it continues to reach an active and involved demographic.
    • Develop a more user-friendly website that provides easy access to information and the ability to register for parish programs and school activities, including enrollment.
    • Create and promote a functional and easy to use app.


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