STEM Lab & Preschool Renovation 2024


Renovation of the existing STEM Lab, Teachers' Lounge and Preschool Annex (Four-year-old and Junior K classrooms) this Summer 2024 during a thirteen-week period, May - August 2024. The project includes flipping the STEM lab and the preschool classrooms, so the STEM lab is in alignment with the teacher lounge and K-Grade 8 school spaces. Consider this Phase One of a multi-year strategic plan for future classroom expansion and development of the Fine Arts Wing. 

Phase One Project Goals:


    • Create permanent classrooms in the Preschool Annex

    • Preschool classrooms to serve 20 kids 

    • Reduce noise between computer lab and preschool are

    • Limit scope and scale to ensure costs stay in line

    • Increase safety and decrease maintenance and repair cost

    • Create new STEM lab for K through Grade 8 students.

    • Office for Curriculum Specialist & After School Care Coordinator

    • Break area for teachers

    • Create dedicated space to resume the daily newscast /journalism class

Estimated Project Cost: $550,000

The Preschool Annex was built in a two-week period during the pandemic to accommodate reduced classroom ratios. Approximately $14,000 in ARPA grant funds were used to build temporary walls, doors, and to add furniture in the former library. Now, the additional footprint accounts for the  expansion of our Preschool program from 102 students to 142 students. We increased capacity by 40 kids through this renovation, which equates to $360,000 in gross revenue annually. Further renovation of a similar footprint will allow for expansion of capacity to 170 students, $252,000 in annual gross income. We currently have a 27-student waiting list.

We anticipate increased enrollment within the school (Grades K-8) by 2025 tied to the pandemic and the expansion of our preschool program. The Fine Arts Wing would be Phase Two of the 10-year Vision Plan. It would include the development of a unified wing for music, art, design, Spanish and STEM classes, plus four to five renovated kindergarten classrooms. 

STEM & Preschool Renovation



Our STEM Lab & Preschool Annex renovation is well underway. Demolition was completed last week and framing is up.. We were able to repurpose some of our pre-existing materials like interior glass windows. 

Reminder: please do not access this space due to safety concerns. We can also be cited, and construction suspended, if unauthorized people are in the construction area. 



Workahaulix will return tomorrow morning to pack up the teachers' lounge, part of the STEM lab and purge a few more areas.

The four year old and Junior K classrooms moved to the Loft last week. The parish office now operates as part of the preschool and as such must follow state licensing procedures. This means the spaces have heightened security and additional sanitation protocols. Access and usage is limited in the parish office for the duration of this time. 

Summer camp will begin June 3rd. We have 212 students this year - our largest enrollment ever. Since we are in the midst of a renovation, we are using additional campus space. The following spaces will be used for the duration of the summer and cannot be accessed from 7:30 am to 6 pm. 

  1. Cafeteria **
  2. Gym 
  3. Two kindergarten wing classrooms*
  4. Loft 1 and 2

**exclusions: picnic week and VBS. Kitchen is accessible from exterior doors. *exclusions: Kindergarten teachers can use door 15 & 16 to enter Collins and Hadorn rooms for tutoring. And students can use Door 15 and 16 as well unless noticed otherwise.

Events and activities in these spaces during and after hours will be limited due to state licensing requirements on access, safety and sanitation etc. The Nazareth Center Hall will be closed off and locked off during renovation. This is for your protection and the protection of summer camp students. Throughout the summer, Door 16 (cafe exterior) and 11 (near Stem Lab) will not be available periodically for access as they are the primary doors used for construction. 



Today we embark on our STEM Lab & Preschool Annex renovation journey. Step 1 is to move all the furniture, equipment and supplies from the following areas today:

  • Preschool Annex
  • Storage Closets- former library, Jr High and School cafeteria
  • Newscast Room
  • STEM Lab
  • Teacher Lounge

Workahaulix is here all day to move items to PODS in the café courtyard and to dump marked trash. You will see their team working in the Nazareth Center area.

The copy machine and bulletin board paper will be moved to the Junior High for temporary use this summer. The tables and chair and refrigerator will remain in the teachers lounge as long as we can. All other items will be removed. Demolition of these areas begins next Friday.