Shelly Hunt Pierce

Preschool Director



Welcome to St. Gabriel Preschool! I was blessed with the opportunity to become the Preschool Director in August 2014. The staff, Parish members, parents and students have all become family. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. Over the last year, we have made some enhancements including a full Preschool facility renovation, to the already wonderful Preschool program that was established here at St. Gabriel. I am honored and proud to be a part of this amazing team.

I have a Master of Art’s Degree in Teaching from the University of the Cumberland’s and a Bachelor’s Degree from Centre College. Previously, I taught a variety of ages and subjects at Sacred Heart Preschool. I have 2 beautiful daughters, Ande (16) and Liza (13), a son Hudson (3 years) and 4 wonderful step-kids. My husband, Matt, and I love big families! In my spare time I love to paint and create all kinds of projects, hanging out with my family, and doing all I can to be around fuzzy critters, animals and kids are my passion. Being born and raised in Louisville, I have a great deal of pride in this community. My family has been in Kentucky for generations and I’m proud to say that I have family ties to The Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, which happens to be my favorite place to visit.

I am passionate about teaching children to become individual and forever-learning problem solvers. The talented Preschool and ASE staff continue to work towards teaching the whole child, allowing students to learn through their mistakes, discovering different ways to absorb information through experimentation, and helping them to make good choices all around. During the course of the year, the staff consistently work together to provide opportunities in preparing the students to become world class citizens with a solid foundation created here at our school.

As Director, my door is always open and I welcome your input, concerns, and thoughts.