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Come and grow with us!

St. Gabriel Preschool believes in whole child education which focuses on the practices, policies, and relationships that ensure children are healthy, safe, supported, challenged and engaged not only in school, but also in their community.

We strive to teach our students to be independent, forever learners. Our main goal is to give our students the correct tools and skills that will keep them on the path toward success in all areas. Our generous enrichment opportunities begin with our three- year-old program and continue into our Pre-K program for four and five-year-olds. We also have a Junior Kindergarten program for five-year-old students.

Utilizing the Houghton Mifflin’s Splash into Pre-K curriculum, Hand Writing With-out Tears, and Minds-In-Motion, our students enjoy a variety of educational tools.  Our students benefit from daily music and Spanish lessons, and also have the unique opportunity to explore our Sensory/Motor Room that focuses on the Minds-In-Motion curriculum for both Gross and Fine Motor skill development. Additionally, St. Gabriel Preschool students are blessed with religious education weekly conducted by one of our clergy

Our students have the technological tools that support Kindergarten readiness. Each of our classes work with an eight-point touch SMART board. Utilizing Smart boards, students learn enhanced math skills such as recognizing patterns, colors, sequencing and numbers. Additionally, they create virtual experiments and conduct research, all while exploring their creativity.

Our staff is rich in tradition and experience. They are dedicated to the success of each child while developing strong bonds with their students. Each of our staff members are creative, fun, and enthusiastic teachers. We feel blessed to be surrounded by such dedicated, unique, and loving teachers.

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