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Therese Brennan

Greetings! I am the Coordinator of Adult Formation for St. Gabriel.  This means I have the opportunity to work with RCIA, the Adult Formation Team, Small Groups, and much more.  If you have any questions about adult faith formation, please feel free to get in touch!  I’d love to meet with you to find out your interests, needs and get to know you.

Ph: (502) 239-5481

email:  tbrennan@stgabriel.net


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RCIA Sponsors Needed !  

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tbrennan@stgabriel.net or by phone (502) 239-5481



My RCIA Sponsor Journey  Evan Gooch

I remember last year, there were numerous announcements of sponsors needed for people wanting to join the Catholic Church. I ignored that call for a few weeks, but suddenly I started to think about what that would mean for me. I had been praying for opportunities to do more in the Church, but I was too scared to put myself out there for something new. I decided to reach out to Therese to gather more information about becoming a sponsor.

As soon as I sent that email, I feel like my faith immediately changed. I love my Catholic faith, and now I had the opportunity to share that love with someone just starting this journey. I was able to review my own faith during this process, and share with my candidate why we do certain things in mass or why we believe certain things. It was a rewarding process culminating on Easter Sunday.

I attended the Easter Vigil in the past, but this year it was different. It was like taking a long car ride to the beach. You have so much excitement for the destination, but you have to go through the drive in order to reach that destination. Once you arrive at the beach and you get out of the car and you breathe that fresh air, it is hard to explain that feeling. On Easter Vigil, after our journey through RCIA, that feeling is magnified exponentially. You just went on this journey with your candidate, and now you get to experience the initiation to the Catholic Church. It is such a moving experience, and I cannot wait to experience that feeling next year.

Accept this call.  Take the journey. Experience faith growth and powerful feelings.


parenting with love 2

Parenting with Love is a presentation for parents and guardians of children from 3rd through 8th grade.  Karen Sheets-Mobley is a Marriage and Family Therapist who will discuss parenting tips and answer questions.  If you know you are coming, email becky.woodrow@yahoo.com.  If you are not yet sure and find yourself available, please feel free to come even if you did not email.  There is no fee.  Unfortunately, childcare is not available.  Questions?  Contact Therese at 239-5481 x311.



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