St. Gabriel Park

It’s been an exciting time for Saint Gabriel Parish…WE BOUGHT LAND!!!!!

The Pastor, the parish finance team, representatives of the Archdiocese of Louisville and the Leaman Family met to complete the property transfer on the morning of July 27.

This parcel, now to be known as “Saint Gabriel Park” is an 18 acre parcel of land at 5201, 5121 and 5119 Bardstown Road, just 7/10 of a mile from our primary campus. This parcel is an extension of ministry space for our parish family. It will become a place in which a strong and vibrant future will take shape for our parish. We are truly soaring with possibilities!

A focus on the future... a nod to the past!

Here are the St. Gabriel Park Facts & Figures


The Saint Gabriel Park land and its eventual development planning have its seedbed in the good work of the previous Saint Gabriel Park Land Committee, the 2015 Parish Strategic Plan and the 2015 Land Acquisition Needs Assessment Survey.

The parish needs assessment survey conducted last year, which focused on facilities usage land acquisition, had over 400 responders, and the responders overwhelming agreed that land should be purchased.  Priorities identified were: playing field, playground, indoor athletic facilities, walking paths, and retreat center. While our campus facilities have been adequate to accommodate our basic needs, it has been recognized for at least 10 years that additional land was needed for green space and facilities.

This parcel satisfies the greatest majority of the needs you’ve identified – proximity to our primary campus, reasonable cost, no expected boundaries or obstacles to development, enough usable land for playing fields, a gymnasium, walking paths and rectory facilities. Over the last 10 years, we have found several properties that we thought suitable initially, but for one reason or another, we were unable to proceed or complete the transaction.

Next Steps

Parish-wide Information Sessions were held the weekend of July 30-31. To view the slide presentation, click here.

Moving forward, the lion’s share of development coordination will rest with the Parish Administration Council. This council, in other places known as “plants and grounds”, will work closely with the Pastor and his staff to facilitate further discussion opportunities with parishioners, bid packages for vendors and service providers, communication to other councils and the parish population-at-large.

There is going to be a great array of opportunities for parishioners of numerous ages and backgrounds to have a hand in the upcoming efforts taking place on our primary campus and on Saint Gabriel Park land. So consider your own response and pray today for the good work we will all do tomorrow. As it has so many times in the past 65 years our parish will need tradesmen, writers, bakers, gardeners, dreamers, fundraisers, tree planters, positive promoters, and faithful prayers of all stripes to turn these dreams into reality.

Contact information

We need your help! We welcome parishioners to get involved and engaged in this exciting endeavor.

Interested in making a donation to our building fund? Contact our Finance Manager Pam Terwilliger at or 502-239-5481 ext. 302

If you want to get involved in some of the development initiatives, please contact Amanda Wolz, Business & development Manager, at or 502-239-5481 ext. 310

A team of staff and council members will be meeting with individual organizations over the next several months to talk about next steps in the land development project.

Help in a small way…Participate in the St. Gabriel Chick-Fil-A Day the last Monday of every month.  St. Gabriel will earn 15% of receipts if you complete a voucher at the time of sale.  These proceeds will benefit the St. Gabriel Park Fund.