Social Justice

Our Refugee Family 
Our Congolese refugee family has been in the U.S. for about three months.  Our St. Gabriel Refugee Ministry team has been working hard to help the family settle into life in the U.S.  We are teaching them how to do many things such as grocery shop, ride TARC and use other resources available to them within the Louisville community.  We also have several social activities planned with them over the next month or so. If you are interested in joining the social committee, please see the bulletin for more information.

Is established to discern various social needs of persons in the Parish and wider community, especially the poor, and identify resources to meet those needs enlisting the active cooperation of Parish members. This committee fulfills the justice dimensions of Scripture and our church tradition of acknowledging that every Christian is called to service, to work for justice and to promote community through social relations.

Committee’s Mission Statement

The Social Justice Committee shall endeavor to provide educational and action programs for the greater Saint Gabriel Community by responding to the call of Christ in the Gospel by providing direct assistance to the poor, the powerless and the marginalized people in our society. Additionally, the Committee shall promote social awareness, shall use education and communal action to help bridge misunderstandings and prejudices and shall seek individual commitments to support these efforts.