Mass Intentions

Did you know that every Mass said by a priest is supposed to be offered ‘for’ someone?

This practice of offering mass intentions is an ancient one, and people for centuries have offered stipends to the priest for Masses said on behalf of someone they love. At St. Gabriel we make this service available for anyone who might wish to have a mass offered for a loved one or even several loved ones. Mass intentions are always to be for people, either individuals or groups, living or dead, asking for God’s mercy and blessings to be given to them via the sacrifice that the priest offers at the altar in the person of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to have a mass said for someone, please contact the parish office at or by phone at (502) 239-5481. The cost to have a mass said is traditionally $10 payable to the parish. 

If you have a special date or mass time in mind, please let us know as this is usually very easy with enough notice. (In the absence of a formal intention, Masses here are offered for ‘St. Gabriel Parish’.)