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From the Principal's Desk

October 1, 2014

Dear Parents and Friends,

In times of stress or emergencies, the proverbial message is that you find out who your real friends are.  Due to the gunman at Fern Creek High School yesterday, we had an emergency at school and immediately our families came together to help out.  I want to thank all of the police officers who came to school voluntarily to ensure the safety of all of St. Gabriel's students.  Parents and grandparents were here to assist.  Our pastor, along with all of the parish staff, assisted us.   Of course, our faculty and staff were at their assigned positions with the children.  It occurred to me, while going through our ordeal, that this is what being Catholic is all about; to freely set aside your personal gains for the good of the community.  The gift of Catholicism is that we never have to go through dire times alone.  We have an entire "family" that is there to walk with us.  This "family" is the church.  Church keeps us grounded.  Our faith and our Church are the bedrock that provides strength in which we grow as good stewards in this world.  We, at St. Gabriel, are blessed to have such a strong foundation.  I would like to thank everyone who helped our school in its time of emergency.

Speaking of emergencies, our school participates in 10-12 fire drills, 4 tornado drills, 2 earthquake drills, 2 "code blue" drills, and 2 lockdown drills each year.  We have all of our plans approved by the Fire Marshall and the State Safety Inspector.  This plan is also on file in the archdiocesan school office.  Fisher Bus Company also practices 2 emergency drills each year.  Coincidently, the first of the bus drills was held yesterday morning.  We practiced lockdown drills and code blue drills last week.  Each year we evaluate the plans and make any necessary changes.  School Board is also involved with the process.  I am glad that we have these drills so that all students have been able to practice and stay calm when a real emergency exists.

Finally, I would like for all of us to pray for our 8th graders as they attend their Confirmation retreat.  They have been preparing for this sacrament since 7th grade and are anxious for their moment to be initiated into the Catholic community as adults.  Thanks to their teachers, sponsors, parents and others who were instrumental in their preparation.


Pam Huelsman
St. Gabriel the Archangel






"News You Can Use"

Rosetta Stone . . .
Click here to access the Rosetta Stone program

For anyone interested in purchasing headsets to use with the program at home on your PC, these are the headphones we use with Rosetta Stone at school. They sell for around $20 each. Rosetta Stone recommends USB style headsets for PC use.

Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset (JUG-00013)

Cyber Awareness Program . . .
St. Gabriel's Gym; Wednesday, November 12, 7:00 PM Click here for more information.

PTSO Chili Supper . . .

  • The PTSO would like for you to join them for the Chili Supper on Saturday, October 25 from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. 
  • Dinner will be served from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. 
  • The PTSO will be selling raffle tickets for the classroom decorated pumpkins. 
  • Each class will decorate an artificial pumpkin. 
  • There will be additional activities in the gym.
  • Volunteers are still needed to work shifts from 6-8 and 8-10 in the gym. Text or Call Michael Book at 819-6587.
  • See the attached flyer for more info!

Shadowing . . .
Attention 7th and 8th graders. Attached are the rules and forms needed to shadow a high school student at one of the many local catholic high schools.


Student Council Events 2014-2015

  • November 4-5 : Bake Sale  
    Bring in 1 dozen individually wrapped cookies, brownies or other baked good and receive a uniform break.  Students will shop during recess. Items are .50
  • November 7: Uniform Break for Bake Sale            
    Wear a favorite shirt with jeans or uniform pants or skirts. All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • November 11-25: Canned Food Drive
    Bring in 10 cans and receive a uniform break!  All items are donated to Fern Creek United Ministries to help people in our area.  Canned meat, fish and peanut butter are the most needed items.  The homeroom who brings in the most cans will receive a prize!
  • November 14: $1 Mix Match Day Uniform Break
    Students may wear jeans and crazy shirts, socks, shoes and hats.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • December 2: Uniform Break for Canned Food  
    Wear a favorite shirt with jeans or uniform pants or skirts.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • December 18: $1 Red/Green/Ugly Sweater Day (teacher contest)  
    Wear a red or green shirt and/or Christmas hat with jeans, uniform pants or uniform skirt.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • January 13-14: Lollipop Sale   
    $0.50 each   Limit 4 the first day. 
  • January 30: Pep Rally and Uniform Break   
    Student appreciation day!  Wear a favorite shirt and jeans or uniform pants or skirt.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • February 13: $1 Pink/Red/Purple Day  
    Wear a red, pink or purple shirt with jeans, uniform  skirts or pants.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • March 20: $1 Sports Dress Down  
    Support your favorite team.  Wear a team shirt or jersey with jeans or uniform pants or skirt.   All uniform break policies must be followed.
  • March 25-26: Bake Sale 
    Bring in 1 dozen individually wrapped cookies, brownies or other baked good and receive a uniform break.  Students will shop during recess.  Items are $0.50
  • March 30: Uniform Break for Bake Sale   
    Wear a favorite shirt with jeans or uniform pants or skirts.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • April 17: $1 Disney/Marvel Uniform Break  
    Dress as your favorite Disney or Marvel character. Do you love Cinderella, Doc McStuffins, or Pocahontas?  Maybe you like Prince Charming, Power Rangers, Captain America or Iron Man.  Come dressed appropriately for school as your favorite character.   No hair color, make-up etc.
  • April 24: Beach Day   
    Wear a favorite top with jeans, capris or uniform shorts.  Bring a  beach towel, sunglasses and hat for lunch outside.  Students can wear sandals or flip-flops but remember to wear tennis shoes for PE.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.
  • April 30: Walk-a-thon Snow Cone 
    Student Council will provide all students with a snow cone after their walk.   Additional snow cones for siblings or parents can be purchased for $1.
  • May 13: $1 Popsicle Sale  
    Students can purchase a giant freeze pop at recess.  Limit 1.

We are having a canvas painting art night on November 18 at 6:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  Cost is $12.00 per canvas.  The theme will be Christmas Holiday art.  Sign-ups will be soon!

The fall session dates are October 15, 24 and 30.  We know our students will represent us well.

We grossed over $45,000 in sales.  For every student that sold a magazine, a chicken was purchased for a third-world country.  Thank you for your support of this fundraiser


Students may sign up to participate in the Outstanding Catholic Reader program. Students read between 8-10 books from the assigned reading list.  The stories in the books promote values and virtues.  The books are available in St. Gabriel’s library.  Students receive a certificate at the end of the year

Choir is available to students in grades 3-8.  Practice will be on Tuesdays from 2:45 until 3:45 p.m. in the Church.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Tipton at

Thank you to all those that continue saving and turning in the pulls tabs for the summer cancer camp for kids.  Jacob Sanders (6-BL) brought in 20 pounds!

Please continue saving Box Tops for our school and enjoy the monthly uniform break.  Please trim them and check the expiration date.


The school’s official Facebook account has been set up. Join St. Gabriel the Archangel School! Come visit us!!!!

Congratulations to . . .

Those students who made our most recent Honor Roll

Grant a Wish. . .

Want to help a teacher with a classroom want or need. Check out the Grant a Wish page.

Yearly Calendar for 2014-2015 . . .

Raffle Winners . . .
Raffle Tickets are still available for the daily drawing. Don't be left out. Contact the school office for information.

October Date November December
Eleanor Montgomery $100
Labor Day
Brandy Crush $25
Marcia Brey $25
Don Valente $25
Kathy Jarvi $25
Shaun Kennedy $25
Jennifer Carson $25
Jennifer Kavanagh $50
Noah Milliner $25
Dana Sinkhorn $25
Roni Hester $250
Selana Hayes $25
No Name
Katie Talheimer $25
Stacey Maxwell $25
Teara Osterhage $250
Sherry Neat $25
Jim Patton $50
Rebecca Glasser $25
Paula Elder $25
Jennifer Carson $25
Lena Perry $25
Stephanie Kaufman $25
Baxter Moore $25
Stephanie Jarboe $25
Sheryl Kremer $25
Denise Chancellor $25
Steve Burmester $50
Donnie Sjmpson $50
Jenny Murphy $25
Melissa Engler $25
Susan Engel $25
Carol Ray $50
Rosetta Hammond $25
10-21 Rhonda Corrigan $25        
Suzanne Layman $25
10-22 Pam Huelsman $25        
Donna Chamberlain $25
10-23 Whitney Stephens $25        
Brian Schroll $50
10-24 Angie Kordis $50        
Tom Corrigan $25
10-27 Whitney Stevens $25        
Christi Schroll $25
10-28 Karen Bullock $25        
Tracy Freville $25
10-29 Melissa Taylor $25        
Matt Sutton $25
Lena Perry $50
Kim Page $25
Gayle Moore $25




Prayer of St. Gabriel

(Written by St. Gabriel Student Council Members)

O heavenly Father, please bless the students, staff and faculty of St. Gabriel. Please grant the children of our school the gift of spiritual, academic, social and emotional education. Please help us to continue to work together as a Christian family. Please allow us to build our Catholic identity, and continue the rich history and heritage of our Catholic Education. May we accept the differences of everyone's unique needs, talents and abilities. May we reflect the images of Jesus by living the "Spirit of St. Gabriel" In your name, our Lord, we pray. Amen


Theme for 2014-2015

"How Full is Your Bucket?"



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