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School Starts August 14th

Welcome Back!

From the Principal's Desk

September 1, 2014

Dear Parents and Friends,

I want to welcome each of you to what I think will be an exciting school year.  We have many new families, faculty and staff that are eager to be engaged in our community.  On the school side, Evie Wilkinson is our new junior high social studies teacher, Jeff Miller is the new physical education teacher, Angie Roggenkamp has joined us as a new assistant and Ethan Carroll is our new maintenance assistant.   In the preschool and after school area, our new director is Shelly Hunt.  On the parish side, we have Tammy Flippo as the new pastoral associate.  Each of them brings new energy and I am having fun watching the gifts develop that they bring to us.  If you see someone you don’t recognize, please take the time to introduce yourself and welcome them to our St. Gabriel family.

This year our school theme is “Filling Buckets.”   Did you know that each person experiences over 20,000 individual moments in a single day?  Each of these moments is potential turning points.   A moment is a few seconds in which our brain records an experience.  Our mood is created based on the number of positive vs. negative moments we experience during the day.  Everyone has an invisible bucket whose purpose is to hold our good thoughts and feelings.  Our bucket is constantly being emptied or filled, depending on what others say or do to us.  When our bucket is full, we feel great and happy.  You fill a bucket when you say something nice to someone, do something kind, and even when you smile.  We want students and staff to focus on positive comments and experiences when we interact.  In this way, we are filling buckets; we are making people happy and productive.

We will be holding “coffee talks” this year to bring teachers and parents together.  Our first talk is September 24.  It will take place in the parish loft from 6:30-8:00 p.m.  Our topic will be, “Using technology in the School.”  There will be a teacher from each area, K-3, 4-6, 7-8 and unique areas, explaining how they use the iPads and other technology in their instruction.  We will also explain our language lab and how Rosetta Stone is panning out, followed by a discussion on some techniques to monitor usage of devices in the home.  I hope that we will see you there.

Our annual magazine drive will begin on Wednesday.  Profits from the magazine drive go directly back to the students through rewards for Terra Nova test taking to purchasing incentives for our reading program.  Thank you for supporting us by purchasing a magazine.

Later this month, we will be asking parents to take a survey as part of the accreditation process.  We have a two week window in which to have these filled out and we would love 100% participation.  Your responses help feed the direction that we develop for the future.

Finally, I would like to let you know some of our goals for this school year.  Academically, we have begun a new foreign language lab to help all students become more culturally aware.  Students in K-5 will be learning Spanish.  Students in grades 6-8 may choose their language.  The beauty about this is that students will be able to access their language from anywhere that has an internet connection.  All teachers, assistants and parish employees were also given the opportunity to participate in a language study.  We have also started a new reading service that offers online access.  This will make it easier for those students that forget books.  It also provides extra practice and instruction that students can get in their home or anywhere that provides internet access.

We are thrilled that our school qualifies, because of our test scores, to apply for Blue Ribbon status!  In a few months, we will gather a team to begin the process of application.  Our students worked very hard last year to do their best.  Scores were up on national tests and we can move forward to achieve national recognition.

Another major goal this year is to continue in our efforts to provide security to our students.  We are looking into plans to remodel the lobby area of the school so more control governing visitors and students will be present.  Ensuring your child’s safety has always been a priority of mine. 

We should have a new website up and running in the next couple of months.  It will have a nice, sleek look and be very modern and easy to navigate.  This website will have all areas of the school and the parish included on the same site to emphasize that we are one community.

I am also excited that our new pastoral associate, Tammy Flippo, is planning on having more of a physical presence in our school.  She will be meeting with teachers and visiting classrooms in the next few weeks.  She will also help with sacraments and has volunteered to eat lunch with students and teachers to get to know our St. Gabriel community. 

As always, we are very flexible and will move to add more goals as needed to continually improve our school.  This is a wonderful place to be a part of and I wish all of you a very happy, successful, and peaceful school year.


Pam Huelsman
St. Gabriel the Archangel






"News You Can Use"

Rosetta Stone . . .
Click here to access the Rosetta Stone program

Shadowing . . .
Attention 7th and 8th graders. Attached are the rules and forms needed to shadow a high school student at one of the many local catholic high schools.


Congratulations to our new Student Council Officers:

  • President: Zoe Peterson
  • Vice-President: Carson Schulz
  • Secretary: Alec Stacy
  • Treasurer: Sidney Shephard

Friday, September 12        $1 Favorite Team Uniform Break - Wear your favorite team jersey or T-shirt with jeans, capris, or uniform shorts.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.

Tuesday, October 7           $1 Wear Pink to Fight Breast Cancer Uniform Break - Wear a pink shirt, socks, or ribbon with jeans or uniform pants or skirt.  All other uniform break policies must be followed.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be here for conference day, October 9 from 7:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.  Students may sign up for the Outstanding Catholic Reader program then or may print out the reading list from the school website.  Please email Mrs. Herbert ( and let her know the student’s name that is participating.  The OCR program has recent fiction and nonfiction stories that promote the virtues of faith, hope, love, reconciliation, courage and more.  Students read 8-10 books by April 15 and receive a certificate at the end of the year.

Plan to attend the skating party on September 17 from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. at Skate World.  The admission cost is $3.00 per child.  Skate rentals are $1.00 for regular and $2.00 for speed.

SCHOOL LITURGY CHOIR Choir is available to students in grades 3-8.  Practice will be on Tuesdays from 2:45 until 3:45 p.m. in the Church.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Tipton at

Kickoff for the magazine drive will begin on Wednesday, September 3 and ends Wednesday, September 17.  Our goal this year is $52,000 in gross sales.  Please support this fundraiser for the school which helps reading initiatives and test taking strategies for our students.

Thank you to all those that continue saving and turning in the pulls tabs for the summer cancer camp for kids.  Abby (6-LG) and Ally (1-WG) Jones brought in over 5 pounds.

Please continue saving Box Tops for our school and enjoy the monthly uniform break.  Please trim them and check the expiration date.


The school’s official Facebook account has been set up. Join St. Gabriel the Archangel School! Come visit us!!!!

Congratulations to . . .

Those students who made our most recent Honor Roll

Grant a Wish. . .

Want to help a teacher with a classroom want or need. Check out the Grant a Wish page.

Yearly Calendar for 2014-2015 . . .

Raffle Winners . . .
Raffle Tickets are still available for the daily drawing. Don't be left out. Contact the school office for information.

Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May  
Eleanor Montgomery $100
Labor Day
Marcia Brey $25
Don Valente $25
Shaun Kennedy $25
Jennifer Carson $25
Noah Milliner $25
Dana Sinkhorn $25
Selena Hayes $25
Stacey Maxwell $25
Teara Osterhage $250
Jim Patton $50
Rebecca Glasser $25
Jennifer Carson $25
Lena Perry $25
Baxter Moore $25
Stephanie Jarboe $25
Denise Chancellor $25
Steve Burmester $50
Jenny Murphy $25
Melissa Engler $25
Carol Ray $50
Rosetta Hammond $25
Suzanne Layman $25




Prayer of St. Gabriel

(Written by St. Gabriel Student Council Members)

O heavenly Father, please bless the students, staff and faculty of St. Gabriel. Please grant the children of our school the gift of spiritual, academic, social and emotional education. Please help us to continue to work together as a Christian family. Please allow us to build our Catholic identity, and continue the rich history and heritage of our Catholic Education. May we accept the differences of everyone's unique needs, talents and abilities. May we reflect the images of Jesus by living the "Spirit of St. Gabriel" In your name, our Lord, we pray. Amen


Theme for 2014-2015

"How Full is Your Bucket?"



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